Diving at Moraig’s Cave & River Mouth

“Diver at Sunbeam”

 Nikon D90 Tokina 10-17mm at the 11mm end ISO 100 f/6.7 1/30

Last August I was talking to a friend that is into Tek diving and obviously diving at Moraig river appeared at the conversation, it is a dive that I really enjoy as everything around it is perfect, it is a shore dive so you can plan the start time to suit your schedule, the scenery is incredible, you get an amazing environment in no more than 10 m depth and more importantly you can select the level of difficulty you want, entering in the cave and just swim around or really get extreme and enter the underground river.

This time as I had filmed twice from the first cave to the river mouth my idea was to shoot inside the river as my friend is doing Tek diving it will just make the perfect combination, a tek diver cave diving inside an underground river. So after the first excitement that you get when talking of diving at Moraig river we started to plan the dive, equipment,diving time, diving procedure and specially security measures that in cave diving are the most important aspect of the dive. Just see the image below, a sign you find inside the river 🙂

Moraig river has actually two dives, the first one is the Moraig Cave where you get dressed and enter the water, it is a cave on the ground the leads to the sea, once out of this cave, you dive with the wall on your right hand side and turn right to enter the second cave, which is the river’s mouth and the best place I know to see a halocline as the salt water is mixed with water coming our from the river.

“Cave Diver recovering Safety Line”

Nikon D90 Tokina 10-17mm at the 10mm end ISO 100 f/5.6 1/60

“Escaping Divers”

Nikon D90 Tokina 10-17mm at the 10mm end ISO 100 f/8.0 1/60

Here you have a map of this first dive created by “senderos bajo el mar”

Once you get to Moraig’s river mouth (point B in the above map) you have to ascend as it is an open space where you can breathe normally and get ready for the second and more difficult part of the dive.

To enter the river you have to exit the water and walk inside a cave where you will tie the security line and start the dive. (One important and necessary advice, cave diving is only to be done by properly trained and experienced divers, this dive is extremely dangerous and there has been several casualties inside the cave).

Here you have a map of the underground river, it was created by a Bernhard Pack who died at Moraig river the 21st of September 1992.


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