Underwater Photography-Dusky Grouper

“Dusky Grouper”

Nikon D90   Nikkor 60mm   ISO 200   f/10.0   1/80

I am currently reviewing my pictures archive to clean up some disk space,because without noticing it,you can really accumulate a good bunch of megabytes. I am quite enjoying it as I have discovered lot of good images that initially passed unnoticed or I just transferred the memory card and went on to the next dive without having time to check and process the files;so the images got somehow lost  in my library.

This is one of the newly discovered, it is taken in Cape Palos, Murcia in a divesite called Piles II, as the area is a marine reserve you can easily find several resident shoals of grouper and other species that get really big. This particularly is a Dusky Grouper “Epinephelus Marginatus” which I guess weights around 40 Kg, so you can tell it is enjoying life.

If you carefully look at his left mouth corner you will see a small Clingfish “Gobiesocidae” which is probably attached and waiting to get some left overs when the grouper feeds.

You can see a clingfish better in this earlier post.

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