Underwater Photography 69/365 Turtle Snail Portrait

“Turtle Snail Portrait” Project Picture 69/365

Nikon D90   Nikkor 60 mm   1/200   f/32.0   ISO 200

I took this image a couple of months back and would have liked to post it the very same day but I must admit that until today I had not been able to identify it.It is a Turtle Snail “Pleurobranchus testudinarius” , I found it while exiting from a very nice twilight dive in Calpe at a depth of 3-5 meters. Initially I though it was a kind of juvenile Sea Hare “Aplysia punctata”, but the color, the elongated tubercles on its back and the rings around them were very strange.

After doing some research I have discovered that it is a difficult specie to spot although endemic in the Mediterranean, what made me get really excited at the beginning was its similarity with a Indo-west Pacific specie Pleurobranchus mamillatus” as I though I have discovered an invader of our waters, fortunately I was mistaken.

Hice esta foto hace un par de meses y me hubiera gustado publicarla el mismo día, pero debo admitir que hasta hoy no había sido capaz de identificarlo. Es un Caracol Tortuga “Pleurobranchus testudinarius”,  que me encontré a punto de salir de una inmersión crepuscular en Calpe a una profundidad de 3-5 metros.Al principio pensé que era una especie de juvenil de Liebre de Mar “Aplysia punctata”, pero el color, los tubérculos alargados en la espalda eran muy extraños.

Después de buscar un poco he descubierto que es una especie difícil de ver, aunque endémica del Mediterráneo. Lo que me hizo emocionarme al principio fue su similitud con una especie del Indo-Pacífico Oeste “Pleurobranchus mamillatus” ya que pensaba que había descubierto un invasor de nuestras aguas,  pero por suerte me equivoqué.

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3 comentarios en “Underwater Photography 69/365 Turtle Snail Portrait

  1. That is the most absurde looking snail i have ever seen! There are so many cool creatures living underwater, and so many that has yet to be discovered. I like the photos you have been taking and will be checking in from time to time.

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